Over the years, specializing in plastic logistics products production, development and development. Company to market demand oriented, to meet the different industries of plastic logistics equipment diversity, diversification needs, has developed ten series, a total of more than 300 varieties. Gold products are bright in color, beautiful in appearance, reasonable in structure, fine in ingredients, scientific in processing and durable in use. It sells well in more than 20 provinces and municipalities, and is exported to Japan, the United States, Canada, South Africa and other countries and regions.<

Since its establishment, it has grown into a high-tech enterprise in the design of plastic products and modification of plastic raw materials in Zhejiang. More than 100 employees, high and intermediate titles above scientific and technical personnel redundant. Have the maximum injection amount of 12000 grams (clamping force of 1800 tons) full computer presses and other small series injection molding machines. Another hollow molding machine, spray lines, nitrogen generator and gas assisted injection molding console, product testing and mold processing, repair and maintenance and other related equipment.

        The successful development of the ten series, a total of more than 300 varieties of products in strict accordance with the GB/ T15234-GB/ T4857.3. packaging transport packages "static" test method of stacking load production standards, to meet the health standards of GB9687-88 countries, can provide product hygiene license, produced goods packaging inspection documents and export tax rebate book.

         Taizhou city as a well-known logistics backbone enterprises, relying on Taizhou City plastic mold richly endowed by nature background resources and its first-class technical equipment, the gold company to market demand as the guide, the introduction of new technologies and new concepts from abroad continuously, relying on scientific and technological progress, scientific management mode and advanced marketing philosophy combined with high technology content, high quality grade standard, the complete varieties of low price characteristics of products continue to domestic and foreign markets. Strive for modern enterprises to standardize logistics, save space, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and explore the third profit source to provide the most comprehensive product support.

        Companies adhere to the "good faith management, customer first" principle, and dedication to provide customers with quality services, welcome new and old customers at any time contact us.